Scheduling: Ongoing Monthly Clients Including NSP

You’re in the right place if you have already had a full-length first appointment and you:

    1. have subscribed to our monthly coaching program. (If you’ve had your first paid appointment but haven’t yet enrolled in the monthly program, please click here to learn about your options. If you would like to book an hourly appointment, please click here. If this will be your first appointment and you will be paying for your coaching, please click here to schedule.)
    2. are in a Next Step Partners (NSP) employer-paid coaching program. (If you were referred to NSP and this will be your first appointment, please click one of these links to schedule: Bain & Company, Bridgespan Group, Patterson Belknap, or Robertson Foundation).

*If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you create a scheduling account as soon as you finish scheduling your appointment. Please click here or call us at 212-206-9929 if you have any scheduling problems.

Need a last minute or after-hours appointment? Click Special Requests to request an appointment.