Big Interview

As a coaching program client, you will receive complimentary, unlimited use of Big Interview, an online platform that allows you to see and hear yourself practice interviewing—from the privacy of your own home.

To set up Your Big Interview Account*

  1. Complete your registration:
    1. If you haven’t received an email from Big Interview, click here to register for an account.
      Use organization code “SCC”.
    2. Check your email for a message from Big Interview and click the account activation link.
    3. Answer a few demographic questions to complete your registration (these are set by Big Interview. We do not see your responses).
  2. Get ready for your practice interview:
    1. Choose a potential role you’ll be interviewing for or learning about. If you can find a job description for the role (or a similar role at another organization), review the description and email me a copy of it.
    2. Choose a real person that you’ll pretend to be meeting with and find them on LinkedIn.
      1. email me a link to their LinkedIn profile.
      2. Re-read their profile before you start answering questions. Really pretend that you’re talking to them.
      3. Leave their LinkedIn profile open on one side of your monitor.
  3. Do the “assignment”.
    1. Click Assignments in the top menu near the Stamboulie Consulting logo (rather than clicking the green “Start Here” button).
    2. Enter your assignment code to begin a two-question interview.  If you weren’t given a specific assignment, enter code 05489e. If you get notification: “Webcam not available. We are not able to access your camera. Please make sure you allowed access from the browser settings”, locate a white box that says ” wants to use your microphone and use your camera” (located near the top left of your screen). Click “Allow”.
    3. Click the “play” button to listen to the interviewer’s question. Immediately begin to think about how you can customize your answer for this specific interviewer. Feel free to end your answer with a question for the interviewer.
    4. Answer the question and click “stop recording” when done.
    5. Play your video. Listen for ways to improve your answer. Pay attention to the rating criteria as you review your video and re-record.
    6. Click “re-record” and “delete” as need to overwrite your prior recording, then answer the question again.
    7. Continue analyzing your answer and re-recording until you’re satisfied.
    8. When you are satisfied with your response, click “save answer.” Confirm that there is a green check mark next to the question (on the left). This means your answers have been successfully saved.
    9. When you finish all the questions, click “Submit Assignment”. You’ll again have an opportunity to review and re-record your answers.
    10. To save the interview, click “Submit final answers.”
  4. Do a self-review:
    1. When you’re finished, click over to the “Submitted” tab under “Assignments” and click “Review Yourself”.
    2. Carefully watch your video for each question. Rate yourself on every criterium and write your comments.
    3. Then click Review Entire Assignment and again rate yourself on each item (unfortunately this is required to submit the self-review).
    4. Check your self-review was saved by clicking the Submitted tab again and making sure it says ”Your Self Review: X(1-5).”
  5. Make an appointment: If you don’t have an upcoming appointment, click here to schedule time for us to go over your completed interview.

* If you encounter a broken link or other issues with these directions, please let us know right away (and accept our apologies).
We love that Big Interview makes frequent upgrades, but it makes it more challenging for us to keep this page up-to-date.

** If Chrome is your default browser, click Big Interview Assignments and log into your Big Interview account.
If you have Chrome—but
it isn’t your default—open Chrome and paste in this link:
If you don’t have Chrome on your computer, go to Big Interview System Requirements to learn about using other browsers.