Focusmate (“Study Hall” Platform)

Focusmate is a free/very low cost platform that allows you to virtually co-work with a partner in order to boost your productivity and beat procrastination. The idea behind Focusmate is simple – by working with another person, you have someone to both hold you accountable and motivate you to accomplish your goals.

How it works:

Once you create a free account with Focusmate, you can schedule 25 or 50 minute sessions whenever you wish to work. You may book up to three sessions per week with a free basic account, or you can pay $5 per month for a “Turbo” account that allows you to book as often as you like. You are then paired with another user who has booked the same session. 

When the session begins, you will join a video call with your partner. You both share what you plan to get done and then work quietly, using the chat window to update your partner as you complete your tasks. You are encouraged to keep your camera on the entire time, although of course you may take breaks as needed.

If you want to learn more, read the Focusmate Q & A or join their excellent Facebook group.

Cowork with someone you know (including Sarah):

While Focusmate will generally pair you with a random partner, if you would like to work with someone specific (such as a coworker or friend), you can send them an invite link. Once they set up their own account, they will be able to see your availability and book a session with you. Focusmate prioritizes bookings that are made using an invite link over those made by strangers, ensuring you and your chosen partner will be able to work together. 

If you would like to book a co-working session with Sarah, you can view her upcoming availability using her Focusmate invitation link. Also, if you are interested in working with any of the former members of our Zoom Study Halls,  you can email Sarah your own invite link to share with the group. 

  • Click here to create your free Focusmate account.
  • Click here to view Sarah’s upcoming availability and book a coworking session with her.
  • Click here to join the (private) Focusmate Facebook group.

It’s simple but powerful – see what you can accomplish in just a short amount of time!