Scheduling Information and Help

  1. While it isn’t required, we recommend that you 1.) create an account on our Acuity scheduling system and 2.) verify your email address as completing these tasks will allow you to:
  • View and reschedule all upcoming and past appointments that have been scheduled while logged into your account or booked previously using your verified* email address.
  • Have your name, phone number, and email address pre-filled on the contact page on your scheduling page if you are using the same computer/browser.
  • View, change or cancel your monthly coaching subscription.
  • Save your credit card information, if you’d like.

How to create an Acuity scheduling account:

  1. If you’ve have already scheduled at least one appointment, find an appointment confirmation email and click the “Change/Cancel Appointment” button (see below) to register for an account. This button will direct you to your appointment confirmation page where a “Register for an Account” (see below) button will be.
  2. If you haven’t already booked an appointment in the system (or can’t find your confirmation email):
    1. Schedule an appointment now.
      1. To book your first full-length appointment, click one of the following links: New Individual Clients​, New Bain Clients, New Bridgespan Clients, New Patterson Belknap Clients, New James Irvine Foundation Clients , and New Barnard College Clients.
      2. If you are are in a monthly coaching program (self-paid or NSP employer-paid), click Current Monthly Clients
      3. If you’ve had your first full-length appointment and will be paying for future coaching on an hourly basis, click Ongoing Hourly Clients.
    2. Right after you’ve finished scheduling your appointment, click the “Register for an Account” link on your scheduling page (see picture further down the page).

How to verify your email address:

  1. Right after you register for a client account, look for a verification email from Acuity.
  2. Click the link to verify your account. After you’ve verified, any previous appointments you booked with the same email address will be retroactively assigned to your account.

If you don’t see all your appointments and subscriptions when you log into your account even after you’ve verified your email address: Email us and we’ll fix it at our end. It’s probably because you used a different email address or a variation of your name when booking some of the appointments.

If you created a scheduling account but have forgotten your password: follow the prompt to request to reset your password. We are not able to reset a password on a client’s behalf.

Here is what you will see when you register as a client: