Services: Executive Coaching

Stamboulie Consulting offers employed professionals confidential executive coaching services for assistance with leadership goals and challenges. We provide candid, constructive, and actionable feedback, and then help you learn new ways to lead and manage by addressing your own behavior and impact. Regardless of your location, we can provide personalized advice and counsel using a combination of phone, video, and in-person visits. (We also offer business coaching for entrepreneurs and independent consultants.)

Internal Career Acceleration

Coaching can help you advance in your current organization by ensuring you achieve victories on key projects, build strategic relationships, and boost your visibility. An independent sounding board can be particularly valuable when navigating a new promotion, stretch assignment, or political environment. In addition, a coach can help you to recognize any blind spots and sharpen skills quickly when there is no time for a gradual learning curve. Executive coaching can help you:

  • quickly produce in a new organization or role
  • improve your overall presentation and business development skills
  • successfully deliver on numerous of large, time-sensitive projects
  • improve your productivity and prioritization – “work smarter”
  • improve team performance, especially when managing new employees or teams
  • successfully navigate company politics and the organization’s “unwritten rules”
  • improve your interpersonal style, particularly if you might show patterns of impatience, agitation, avoidance, or procrastination
  • better anticipate the needs of your manager, executive team, and board

Strategic Career Transition

When it’s time to branch out from your current organization, career transition coaching can help you to:

  • identify your ideal next role, one that will allow you to reach your goal with the fewest intermediate steps
  • arrange exploratory meetings with handpicked leaders in your chosen companies
  • prepare for the formal and informal interview process so thoroughly that you will be selected, even when other candidates have more subject matter expertise