Scheduling: First Appt for Individual Clients

If you are ready to get started, schedule an extended-length first appointment below ($360).

These longer appointments give us time to not only review your career history and objectives,
but also to begin working toward your goals in the first meeting.

  • We highly recommend creating a scheduling account as soon as you finish scheduling your appointment.
  • Need a last-minute or after-hours appointment? Click Special Requests to request an appointment.
  • Before your appointment, please download, complete, and return the NSP Client Questionnaire.
  • Please call us at 212-206-9929 if you need further scheduling assistance.

Note: This page is for new individual (self-paid) clients to schedule their first appointment.
If you are a Next Step Partners (NSP) client, please click New Bain Clients, New Bridgespan Clients,
New PBWT Clients, or New Robertson Foundation Clients .

Schedule a Phone Consultation

If you prefer to learn a little more before getting started, you can begin
by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.