Tips for a Great LinkedIn Photo

  1. Camera should be at eye level or above when the picture is taken. If the photographer is shorter than you are, have him or her stand on a few thick books to even out your heights. Being shot from below can be unflattering to the chin and jawline.
  2. Make eye contact with the camera as the photographer snaps. Eye contact offers a personal connection with the viewer.
    “The intellectual side gaze,” where the individual appears to be staring off into the distance, is a misnomer. Researchers at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles found that people who maintain eye contact are consistently judged as having a higher IQ than people who do not.
  3. Smile like you mean it — including your eyes.
  4. Keep your head upright. Having your head tilted sideways towards one shoulder can look less competent. A small tilt can be corrected when you upload your photo to LinkedIn.
  5. A level swivel toward a camera on your left or right side is fine, as long as you smile warmly into the camera lens.
  6. Make sure there is even lighting on your face, and you are not back-lit.
  7. Have the photographer include your shoulders in the picture, and upload it without cropping. LinkedIn will automatically crop your square photo into a circle, so you need to start some extra blank space behind you to keep your head and shoulders in the round profile image.