Services for Orgs: Transition Coaching

Note: If you are a transitioning Bain and Company employee, please click NSP Scheduling – 1st Appt.

STAMBOULIE CAREER CONSULTING has helped senior executives successfully manage their career transitions for over fifteen years. Our outplacement programs are designed to help former employees find the best possible next position more quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to ensure individuals are treated with respect throughout the process while we guide the organization for mitigated risk and preservation of company reputation/brand. Whether an employee wishes to begin with a thorough career assessment program or wants immediate help with finding contacts and setting up interviews, we will help him or her progress more quickly and successfully.

Why Offer Outplacement Service?  Companies choose to fund outplacement because by taking care of their former employees’ needs in a thoughtful way, they build a stronger foundation for their business.  By maintaining better relationships with those leaving the company, they minimize the risk of litigation, foster good will internally and externally, and make it easier to recruit talent in the future.

Forward-thinking managers recognize that their former employees may someday be in a position to either refer work back to the company or even become a client when he or she lands elsewhere. In treating departing employees well, companies are better able to retain talent as employees remaining with the organization get the message that leadership cares for and respects everyone in the workplace.


Our customized career transition process will include a dedicated career coach who works with the executive throughout the entire program and helps the candidate to move forward, stay focused, and effectively manage his re-employment campaign. We provide personalized assistance using a combination of video, phone, and in-person meetings to ensure the highest level of accessibility and service, regardless of location.

The customized career transition process includes:

  • Assessment.  Evaluation of the current situation, goals, and priorities.  You’ll receive self-appraisal of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses through assessment tests, exercises, and recommended reading.  Establish initial career targets.  Learn about the latest tools to research and refine your targets.
  • Resume and Elevator Pitch.  Prepare, produce, and present your resume and elevator pitch.
  • Job Search Strategy.  Learn best practices to research job leads and manage the process to secure the employment you want.
  • Informational/Exploratory Meetings Strategy.  Prepare, produce, and practice writing introductory e-mails, phone call scripts, meeting request calls, and the elevator pitch. Prepare for exploratory meetings. Troubleshoot challenges.
  • Job Interviews Strategy.  Learn best practices for interview preparation and presentation. Practice mock interviews and receive feedback.  Learn easy follow-up tools.
  • New Offer Negotiation. Learn how to evaluate multiple offers and negotiate a better deal.  Prepare to start your new job.