Services for Organizations: Transition Coaching

Note: If you are a transitioning Bain & Company employee, please click NSP Scheduling – 1st Appt.

STAMBOULIE CAREER CONSULTING guides senior executives to successfully manage their career transitions.

Our personalized outplacement programs—developed over the past fifteen years—allow former employees to quickly and efficiently find their best possible next position.

Our coaches ensure that individuals are treated with respect throughout the process. At the same time, we provide guidance to the organization to mitigate risk and preserve reputation.

Working with us, employees at any stage will progress quickly and successfully. They may elect a thorough career assessment program, or immediate help with finding contacts and setting up interviews.

Why Offer Outplacement Service?

By thoughtfully taking care of their former employees’ needs, through funding outplacement, organizations build a stronger business foundation.

Better relationships with those leaving the company minimizes the risk of litigation, fosters good will internally and externally, and makes it easier to recruit talent in the future.

Forward-thinking managers recognize that their former employees may someday refer work back to the company—or even become a client.

By offering quality outplacement services, companies retain talent by demonstrating care and respect for everyone in the workplace.


Our fully customized and personalized career transition program is led by a dedicated career coach who guides and advises the executive throughout the entire process. This partnership ensures that the candidate stays focused and effectively manages his or her re-employment campaign.

For flexibility and accessibility, meetings can be held by video, phone, or in-person (when NY State guidelines allow). Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available.

Our customized career transition process includes:

  • Assessment. Honest evaluation of current professional situation, goals, and priorities. Skills, strengths, and weaknesses are assessed through testing, exercises, and recommended reading. Initial career targets are established. Career search tools are introduced.
  • Resume and Elevator Pitch. Craft a quick and catchy introduction, present a compelling LinkedIn profile, and write an effective resume.
  • Job Search Strategy. Best practices for researching job leads and managing the search process.
  • Informational/Exploratory Meetings Strategy. Prepare, practice, and produce introductory e-mails, phone call scripts, and meeting request. Prepare for exploratory meetings. Troubleshoot challenges.
  • Interviewing. Practice, practice, practice (in person or by video). Receive feedback. Learn easy follow-up tools.
  • New Offer Negotiation and Onboarding. Evaluate multiple offers and negotiate the best deal. Prepare to start your new job.