Registration: Virtual Study Hall Sessions

“Study Halls” are on-camera group Zoom meetings designed to help participants complete their least-favorite tasks a little more easily. They are free of charge and open to anyone who could use some help completing procrastination-prone tasks on their work or personal “to do” list, such as presentations, reports, expenses, insurance claims, or career homework.

Format: We begin by each participant telling the group what task(s) he or she will tackle during the upcoming working session. Then we set a timer for 55 minutes, turn off our mics, and get to work. When the timer goes off, each person reports on their progress.  We then do a second round. Simple but powerful – see what you can accomplish in just an hour or two!

If you’re interested in additional times, Focusmate is an online tool with the same general format. You sign up for the service and schedule chunks of time that you’d like to dedicate to work. Focusmate matches you with someone trying to get work done during the same chunk of time, and then it schedules a video conference between both parties. Focusmate is free for 3 sessions every week. For unlimited sessions, you can upgrade to Turbo for $5 per month.